We believe it is necessary to focus on the whole child. Our whole child approach starts with an individualized academic plan consisting of an eclectic curriculum using a wide range of research-based techniques, methods, and materials that support the learning, physical, emotional, and social needs of the student. Our curriculum is enriched with art, music, occupational, physical, and speech therapy if needed, as well as group field trips to provide a stimulating educational environment where students achieve their goals.

SAPPHIRE SCHOOL combines experience from many fields with innovation and love to create a school that nurtures each child and his or her specific needs.


We would like to begin several family resource or discussion groups tailored to mothers, or female caregivers and another for fathers or other male caregivers as well as a family group. Please email us if you would be interested.

A BIG thank you to all the families we met at the Autism Walk. You made our first year awesome!


We recognize that every student who comes to us has a unique set of gifts and challenges. Each one has a unique approach to how he or she learns, perceives the world, and interacts with his or her environment. Sometimes "traditional schools" are unable to accommodate or lack the knowledge of how to successfully engage a child who requires a flexible or out of the box approach to learning. This can result in frustration for the student and often parents are frustrated as well. At the Sapphire School we pride ourselves in working as a team, with our families, to create an individualized academic plan based on a child?s unique learning style and social and emotional needs to allow for the greatest success.

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